Thursday, 17 March 2016

Ink Review: Bril Red

A while back, I finally got the bottles of ink which I had ordered. I had ordered Bril inks. Though I wanted all the colours, the shopkeeper could only get me two: red and royal blue. Royal blue is pretty famous but red is not very well known. Anyways, lets dive into the review.
Bril Red is not an ink which I would like to call a 'true red' ink since it is more like pink which has a hint of red but if you are looking for an ink for correcting students' notebooks then this may be a good choice since it has that 'popping out of page' kind of effect. Though, I would like to mention that if you want to torture someone, just make them read ten page  written with this ink. Believe me, this thing will be more effective than the Cruciartus curse from Harry Potter...
This ink bleeds through paper unlike any other ink I have ever seen. Also it feathers with the regular copier paper a lot. This ink is recommended only to be used with M and F nibs. I used it in my ASA Rainbow which has a fairly wet B nib and at some places, my handwriting is not even legible (I have a pretty bad handwriting but still it is quite legible). The flow is fairly wet, quite comparable to Waterman black.
When it comes to shading, this ink fails miserably. It has a solid pinkish colour. As a result this ink can be used as a highlighter ink in a dry enough pen.
I had some Private Reserve Shell Pink lying around and some homemade red ink as well. So, I have included a side by side comparison of their colours. The Hero ink is there just to poke fun at other inks when it comes to water resistance.
A comparison.

A written sample.

Bleeds like any thing.

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  1. Great review there!
    I use it with a just a hint of Bril Black ink, to make it more readable on paper!! ��
    Just one thought, please mention the type of paper you are using as I didn't face any bleeding a classmate notebook.
    Best wishes!!