Friday, 30 October 2015

ASA Rainbow review.

ASA recently launched a new pen, called the rainbow. This pen is available in a bunch of colours and is made of acrylic. These pens are c/c and eyedropper convertible and have Schmidt nib units. It is available in fine, medium and broad.
I ordered their 'flaming orange' (quite a fancy name if you ask me!) version with broad nib and rounded ends. I must say that the pen sure does look stunning and writes equally well!

The pen's body is made of acrylic and looks quite nice. The quality of the acrylic is pretty good. The pen is completely hand-made. The surface has a bit of imperfections but since it is hand made, I have no  problems. The acrylic has a lot of 'depth' which I could not capture well in the picture. The ASA logo is not clearly visible and one has to squint a bit to see it clearly. The cap is screw on type and takes 1 1/3 turns to fully unscrew.

The nib is a Schmidt Broad which writes more like a medium. It is quite smooth and has a bit of flex but it is almost negligible. It is a stainless steel nib.
This is actually a whole unit with a schmidt converter (optional).
The section is shaped like the section of the ASA I can. It is extremely comfortable to hold and is well suited for long writing sessions. It too is made of the same Acrylic as the rest of the pen. The section can be seen in the above pic.

I compared the measurements with those on the ASA site and they seem pretty much the same.

Pen Length (Capped)
Pen Length (Un-capped)
100 mm (Excl Nib)
Pen Length (Un-capped)
120 mm (Incl Nib)
Section Length
25 mm
Cap Length
65 mm
Cap Dia
16 mm
Barrel Dia
14 mm
Section Dia
12 mm avg.
The pen writes quite wet. I would rate the wetness to be 8/10. It is pretty smooth as well. In terms of smoothness, it will easily score 9/10. The ink used in this sample is parker quink blue and the paper was 70gsm century A4 sheet.

I am quite pleased with the pen. The finish is quite nice and it writes pretty well also. I have no complains with this pen and it is currently my favorite! (They are not paying me to say all this, all the opinions are my own.)


  1. Pictures are very nice, crisp review makes anyone reading this blog buy the pen for sure. I have indeed taken the plunge of buying this pen after reading your blog. Thanks and keep guiding

    1. Thanks a lot for those kind words! This pen is surely some eye candy!

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