Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ratnamson No. 15.

One day I just bumped into a blog post by someone on Ratnamson pens. I researched about it and after reading, seeing and discussing about them, I finally called them and placed my order for two pens. Both of them were No. 15 but one with a gold nib in black ebonite and the other in brown rippled ebonite and steel nib. The black one was for my father as his birthday was just round the corner and since I was already ordering one pen for dad, I ordered one for myself too.
The pens took a month to reach me after payment. That one month was well very exciting and disappointing as I used to get excited each day for the pens to arrive but they would not. 
Anyways the pens came one day and I was absolutely stunned by the beauty of the pens. Although not perfect but they were handmade and they looked beautiful. I immediately cleaned the pens and inked them. I inked mine with Camlin royal blue and my dad's with Waterman intense black. Since I had ordered a gold nib pen, the pens came in a white and red box. 
The pens wrote wonderfully! they were smooth and wet. They were not so smooth that you don't feel like you are writing but smooth enough. The gold nib had 'The Famous Ratnam And Sons 14ct" The gold nibs are made by them by hand and the steel ones are outsourced. The steel one has 'Iridium Point' written on it. The steel one is gold colored and the gold one is obviously, solid gold.
One funny thing is that the steel nib has more flex than the gold nib. The gold nib is much thicker than the steel one so that is the reason I guess.
The pen uncapped.

The clip. You can see a cap jewel on the top. It is made of ebonite.

Detail of the rippling.

The nib is gold colored steel. The Iridium point is a bit off. 

The feed is made of ebonite.

You can see the box. The pen is resting on it.
The writing samples will be there in a separate blog post. 

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