Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ink Review: Camlin Royal Blue

This is the review of one one of my favorite inks, Camlin royal blue. This ink is the default student ink in my area. Its color is vibrant but not very 'popping out of page' sort of color. It may feel a bit uncomfortable if you have to read 50 or so pages written with this ink.
The ink is well lubricated,  it is well behaved but does stain pens. So I would not like to fill it in demonstrator pens. Its drying time is okay, I didn't need to use blotting paper while writing but if you are using high quality paper like Nightingale paper, the drying time is significantly more.
The ink is not very water resistant. It just leaves a mark that is enough to be read but not a lot. So, I would rate its water resistance to be 4 out of 10. This ink does fade, but not a lot. It does have shading but very minimum . I would say this ink is okay for normal use but if you want to have a ink with shading, then this ink is not for you. Here is a writing sample:

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